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Meet the Chefs

 M i k e & H i l l a r y
F r a g o m e n i


A native to San Francisco California, Chef Michael Fragomeni found his calling to cuisine while apprenticing as baker at the age of 15. He then enrolled in the Food Education and Service Training program from which he received a scholarship to culinary college.


He pursued his passion for cooking at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco as Head Saucier. Mike then moved on to manage several specialty delis where he had numerous chefs that worked under him.


Upon retiring and moving to Tennessee, Mike found that he couldn’t stay out of the kitchen. What started as just cooking for friends and family’s special events blossomed into a second career as a personal chef and catering business with his wife Hillary.

Originally from the South, Hillary has been in the hospitality industry for 35+ years. Though her focus was mainly on the front of the house, Hillary is also celebrated amongst all as a renowned cook.


From her experience in hospitality, she can organize and manage all types of events from private to corporate professionally and seamlessly. Hillary’s background has led to a vast knowledge of specialty craft cocktails and the ability to pair wines and other libations perfectly with each course.


Together Mike and Hillary can make any event beautiful, successful and most importantly- delicious!

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